Do You Want to Be Well?

Simple question but it feels complex. Sometimes in life we have to ask ourselves, hey do you want to be well? Lately, I’ve been thinking about this guy, and it’s so frustrating because I just wish I could stop thinking about him. It’s starting to feel like a broken record. I’m talking to my heart like ok I get it, you think he’s a great person blah, blah, blah. Maybe he’s hard to shake mentally because he touched me without even touching me and we motivated each other, but the fact still remains that whatever that situation was it has ended.

Now what? Now is the time where I look at myself and ask Rae do you want to be well? Like do you really want to or it just sound good to say? You can not always control how you feel but you can control what you will and will not accept. I noticed that in my dwelling on an old situation I’m subconsciously telling myself that either God made a mistake because he was definitely for me or that maybe I was not good enough. However, if I was to believe either one of those lies the devil would win.

On the road to being well you have to line up the facts.

Here are the facts:

-Once upon a time I really liked this guy and now it’s over

-God has my best interest

-God saw in that man what I could not see

-God saw in me what I could not see

-God has a man just for me

-I am worthy

In order to be better, you must first decide that you want to be a better you. I understand that I am human and there will be times where I reflect on old situations, but I cannot allow those reflections to steal my joy or try to convince me that God failed me. Hindsight is 20/20. I know I’m not the only one that has had the ah ha moment where you realized why it didn’t work with the man or woman you just knew you’d spend the rest of your life with.

Lesson Learned: The bible says “He who finds a wife finds a good thing”. Beautiful woman reading this trust and believe that you’re someone’s good thing. Handsome man if you trust and believe God will show you your good thing. Often times people want to rush into relationships because they seem to think it’ll fix their happiness problem, but i’ve learned that it will only magnify that problem. In order to truly thrive in any relationship you must be a better you. Your future husband or wife and you deserve a you that wants to be well. Think about what hinders you and ask yourself do you want to be well. Be sure to write out the facts and then decide that the realest one on your team is God. If you need to vent you can either write a letter to God, talk to him or talk to your accountability partner and be true to what you feel, but also understand in order to be better you have to accept the facts and push forward.

On this journey we will become better. I pray that whoever is reading this will decide hey I want to be well.

Until next time…… God is Love… Love, Peace and Hair Grease….

~RaeTheBlogger ❤️



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