This journey has been a long one but a great one. I began writing again on May 1, and it seems like after every post I was tested on what I was writing. I wanted to stop writing but I remembered writing is my outlet and hey what can I say my pain has purpose.

Just yesterday morning I had a dream that felt oh so real and I woke up with the heaviest heart. All I could say was lord have mercy on me. I couldn’t understand the purpose of that dream but it caused me a great deal of pain. Then it dawned on me that the one person I knew to call on has a purpose for my pain.

I laid there and a part of me said i’ll just lay here and not go to church and the other part of me said the devil is a liar. Here’s what I know, even though I didn’t feel my best I still had to thank God for my life. In Mark 2:17 Jesus said “it is not the healthy that need a doctor, but the sick”. I ran to my heavenly father because I know that he has a purpose for me.

As I go through this journey the image above appears in my head.

Then I ask myself do you think you would be going through all that trouble, hardship and heartache if you was not close to your breakthrough? Some days I want to turn around and quit but God. You may stumble, you may fall, but my dear sister or brother reading this do not give up.

Lesson Learned: No one is perfect but God. We are human, and sometimes we will feel like giving up, but we should not. Here’s what I know, we are worthy of the things we pray for. God has the ability to give us exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us. If your dreams do not not scare you then you are not dreaming big enough. Try God. My prayer is that on this journey we remember is it ok to stumble, even fall but DO NOT give up. When you feel like giving up dig deep and say father have mercy on me and give me the strength to press forward. We can do this. Our pain has purpose and if we continue to press forward we will make it to our breakthrough.

Until next time…… God is Love….. Love Peace and Hair Grease…..

~RaeTheBlogger ❤️


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